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The dust of the road brings new life….

So i have spent today in Birmingham, meeting up with some other pioneery types as we become associate missioners of Fresh Expressions.  As well as learning what the role involves, we all took something along with us that would spark us off to tell our story.  This was the most amazing part of the day, listening to others peoples stories of being in really hard places but perceiving and seeing God at work.  A couple of things really stood out for me, one chap said

“Weakness is important to mission” and then told a story of a time when he had to face his brokenness in public and how it actually allowed him to connect with people in a real and fresh way.Image

Another gem came from someone talking about how Jesus would allow the journeys from place to place as a way of allowing those around him to understand his teaching.  “The truth would emerge from the midst of conversations.”  This reminded me of the XY Lad’s church approach to ministry.  That in the midst of our debates and (often heated) conversations truth would emerge, without the need of an expert or herald of truth, but simply and delicately and at times almost as a whisper.

I was struck by a tweet i fell across this morning from  @SimonGuillebaud (someone i don’t know) which read “Christians have bumper stickers and catch phrases; believers have creeds and promises;disciples have scars and stories.”