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Nice Cross, what does it mean????

So the European court of human rights has today ruled that it is OK for Christians to wear crosses at work See Here.

Not exactly a ground breaking revolution! But i dare say it would have been news (at least in some smutty tabloids) if the decision had gone the other way.  The fact of the matter is that i don’t believe that it matters if you are allowed to wear a cross or not.  If it offends some people then surely is serving the purpose it is designed for (‘designed’ being the word as most of these hideous pieces of jewellery have fake diamonds and gold designed into them).  The cross should be offensive it is not meant to be anything other.  It was the most barbaric way of killing someone, and the truth of the matter is that Christ chose that death over everything else for a reason.

I personally don’t wear a cross, or have a fish sticker on my car.  Other than the sign of my priestly office i would hope no one would look at me and think ‘Christian’ mainly because i would hope i don’t need these signs and trinkets to prove that i am trying to live a life that calls me to love God and all of those around me.  Basically, well done those who want to wear their crosses at work and have taken this as far as the highest court in Europe. I sincerely hope that you put the same effort into fighting poverty and injustice, I hope that you stand up for the rights of people of all religions and none, who loose their lives everyday because of their beliefs in what ever issue they believe in.

Here is Pete Rollins saying it far more eloquently than me….