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Running into 2014 ….

I wanted to blog about running, not because i am an expert, have vast knowledge or wisdom to share on the topic, but i have found that the biggest motivator for me has been other peoples achievements, thoughts and wisdom.  So i am hoping by a few words i might pass on the inspiration to others that  have found in those around me994604_10153325606950160_2125413252_n

Some of you may know that started running last May after watching a good mate running the London marathon that year.  The experience of cheering people on was truly remarkable and really inspired me to dig out some old trainers.  I soon found that i could not run a mile without thinking that suddenly the whole world had been some how bereft of all the air, as it seemed SO hard to actually take in a lung full of oxygen.  I have always thought that i was in good shape and that running would be easy to pick up! I began at this stage at running at a pace of over 10 mins a mile.

– Your mind will quit a 1000 times before your body ever will –

Within a month i was running regularly, not every day but clocking up 9 runs in month 2 with a total of 32 miles in the June of that year.  I then had a casual conversation with a another good mate about attempting to run the Great North Run Half Marathon in the September of that year.  I found that this really made a huge difference to the way in which i thought about running.  Suddenly i had a goal and something to aim for.  I remember thinking that this was something that was totally beyond me and that i was actually fooling myself thinking i could actually do this, but it made all the difference, especially when it came to the times that i thought i just don’t want to go !

I booked in to run a local 10k race the week before the GNR, and i was so glad i did.  I was SOOOOOO nervous before hand, i have no idea why, maybe it was because i was running with so many other people who looked as though they knew what they were doing, maybe i thought i was suddenly going to be found out and people would stand and laugh at my attempt to run a race.  Maybe it was the fear of failure.  But i think on reflection it was just all psychological! Physically i was fit and well, i had been training hard and everything was fine on the morning.  I finished the race in 58mins which for me at that time was about 10 mins slower than i had hoped for.  But it was a hot day, i started amongst lots of people and the nervous energy had taken a lot out of me.  It was a really good experience to do and get a lot of things out of the way before the GNR the week after.

– The vision of a champion is bent over, drenched in sweat, at the point of exhaustion, when nobody else is looking. -Mia Hamm –

The GNR was an amazing experience i had trained as hard as i could before the race, which on reflection could have been harder, but to be honest i didn’t really know what i was doing ! i had done one 11 mile run before the race as my longest run so this would have been the longest i had ever run.  I finished in 2hrs 08mins, but it was the finishing that i was totally amazed by! Crossing the finish line i couldn’t understand why everybody hadn’t stopped to cheer for me ! LOL !!! i do remember thinking that no one could ever take it away from me now i had actually done it! I did it again in 2013 getting a time of 1hr 54mins, i was disappointed with this as i had done a 1hr 48mins in training, but it gives me a goal for next year.

More than anything else i have found that running makes me ask myself questions every time i go out, “Can you do this?” “Have you met your limit?” “Are you strong or weak?” it has helped immensely with my mental health and dealing with difficult situations i find in my job, I am obviously fitter and stronger and have more belief and self esteem.  I don’t always enjoy it and and there are times before and during where i wish i could be doing a million other things, but i have never regretted a run after i have done it !

So my next goal is my first Marathon in London in April, raising money for the Children’s Society doing amazing work with vulnerable children and teenagers. This is again something that i feel is out of my reach but then i will never know unless i put one foot in front of another !…..

If you have any questions or advice about running i would love to hear from you


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