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Women bishops

So for what it is worth I thought I would offer my opinion on the whole debate about women bishops that has so shockingly hit our news headlines this week.

I have been surprised at my own reaction, I am one who usually let’s the church get on with being the church, as I believe that there are far more intelligent people than I who know far more about the church than I do, so therefore they must be making the best decisions for all of us. But as this week has unfolded that does not seem to be the case !

Now for those of you who may seem a little confused about what happened on Tuesday night. The long and the short of it is, a small minority has controlled the outcome of the VAST majority. 75% of the total vote went in favour of having women bishops. But because of them way the vote is constructed for more info on this see here so the vote was lost by 6 votes !!!!!!!

But for the wider world it doesn’t matter if it was lost by one vote or a thousand, the fact is it makes us look old and out of touch!

It’s makes life for me in a lot of ways harder, as I continue to engage with those on the fringes of faith and the church, who now feel more alienated by the church as a whole. The bible talks about us being like a body, if one part suffers the whole body suffers, this certainly feels like that at the moment!

There is a fine line to walk, we should always be mindful of those who’s opinions differ from our own, we should make sure that they are heard and respected. But for the greater good of the mission and ministry of the Church of England we need to resolve this issue and do it soon. I believe we need to reevaluate what we believe our role within this country is, indeed, are we the Church OF England, representing, serving, and speaking with a challenging voice into our culture. Or are we a club made up of people who only attend for what they can get for themselves. Archbishop William Temple said, “The Church is the only organisation that exists for the wellbeing and fraternity of its non-members”.