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So again its been a while since I last blogged. (new years resolution not going so well so far!)

But I thought I would try and get back into it as some folks do give me nice messages when I do ! Thank you!

So recently I got to thinking about what we listen to. By that what I mean is I think it is harder and harder these days to actually listen to very much that has any real meaning. Advertising is a multi billion pound industry that craves your attention every moment of every day. We are targeted so well that we cannot fail to see, hear and inwardly digest tons of info that we don’t really want, (heard any tunes in the adverts from you teenage years recently? BOOM! They want you to feel good and remember their brand)

So as someone who spends his living talking to people about life’s BIG questions how, where and when do I start? I mean stuff has to be new to get peoples attention, the NEW iPhone, that’s cool, people will listen to the rhetoric about that because its brand new, but think about what people who say if Apple started running ads for an iPhone from 2 years ago…. lets say the iPhone 3gs that is just so out of date. no one wants to hear about that!

But the 1st generation iPhone that’s kind of retro, “I remember them, they were so cool at the time…. I remember when I got one of those…”530201361437PM_635_Apple_iPhone_first_gen

So start to speak to someone about faith, about a man who lived over 2,000 years ago…. Retro cool? Not really !

Religion has a bad wrap these days, and TBH it’s understandable, some wierd people are doing some crazy things in the name of faith. It’s enough to put me off. But most of the people I speak to have an opinion about faith one way or another. I haven’t met many people who have never really thought about things, but the forums for debate, for a proper in depth discussion for a safe place for people to ask questions and listen just don’t exist.

I guess what I am saying is… I have a question and the question is this – “How, where and when should faith be engaged?”

There is no possible way the Church can engage at the level that Apple does, neither, in my opinion should it. But there are millions of people out there who do want to engage on one level or another, “What would work for you?”




The old roads were never that certain….

I was praying yesterday, writing down some thoughts. I have over the next month some big questions to face and i started to say to God that i wanted to find him and know him again the way i used to when i was a teenager. I then got to thinking about the old road i used to travel down, and how those old roads seem to bring back a nostalgic view of being safe and familiar, and a strong sense of comfort and that if journeyed down again everything with be all right.

I used to travel down those old country lanes on my 50cc twist and go moped, it was a time in my life when i had the first taste of freedom and independence visiting friends and girlfriends when i wanted and on my own terms. And those roads were surrounded by the smells and sights of the most amazing parts of the English countryside, sunsets, sleepy clouds bimbling by, wildlife busy living, surviving, hiding and playing, grasses and fields full of crops. There was a sure and certain assurance that the world was turning and everything was enjoying the season as it should.

I guess in many ways this is what i was searching for in my prayer, some confidence that although the waters ahead seem somewhat choppy, that actually that is what is meant to be happening at this point. Just as the tides ebb and flow and the seasons change around us everything has its place and time, including uncertainty and worries.

And actually looking back at those old roads, things were never are certain as i now think that they were, but on reflection God was, and still is the quiet assurance veiled just out of sight but ever ready to guide, comfort and protect.

This is the tree i used to look out on as i travelled those old roads, i went back to find it last year and found that it is dying, and although i was sad to find this out, there is a quiet comfort that all things have their place and that coming and going, uncertainty and dying is as much a part of life as the immediate and now, and realising this allows us to live the life we have now more fuller than before….