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Well London was amazing !!!  really long day but well worth it.  we got into Wembley  about 9:00ish and took the tube from Kilburn into Westminster,  I always enjoy riding the tube, I know its such a northern thing to say but ‘Hey I have only done it once before!!’  I find the fact that it’s so normal to everyone else a little un-nerving, I always think that everyone else knows what they are doing in London like its really obvious that I don’t, I am sure this is not the case but it’s underground1.jpga weird feeling. 

What I did find funny was that I was wearing my dog collar and got some funny looks which I guess is the same thing as someone actually speaking to me up north because of it. 

So we got the Palace (Lambeth, not buck house)  it’s a really cool looking place very posh and big, as you would expect.  We met all the pioneers 47 in all both in training and waiting to start training.  Then just before lunch we had the Archbishop talk to us about how he sees the bigger picture.  He was amazing he spoke about how in regular ministry the role of the ordained person is to hold the focus for the community they lead.  I responded by asking “As a pioneer I find that most of the time I am looking for what the focus of the community should be, is that ok?”  he responded by saying “we should allow the focus to hold us, that actually as pioneers all we need to do is to know that God holds us and therefore all we need to do is show others that to.”  He also said that “Its ok not to have all the answers!” which coming from the Archbishop is really, really good to hear and totally takes the pressure off!!! 

I was instructed by Becky that I needed to measure the curtains to see how much material we would need for when we move in!!! LOL I think we may also need a trip to Ikea !!!!