My Review of 2012….

So its that time of year again, were i put in print the highs and lows of the past year, i love doing this, mainly for my own benefit but it also saves sending out one those letters in every Christmas card. I guess those who are interested will read this and those who an’t won’t!

Having re-read last years, review and stating that it had been a bit of a ‘grey’ year, i can say on reflection that this one has been very much the opposite. In March we moved, we moved house up to Middlesbrough, and i moved jobs, to be become a pioneer minister in a new parish, the kids moved schools, but more than all of this, something else moved me. In many ways as one of my friends stated after seeing me a few months in this new role “It was like something had been broken, 383388_10151486347250160_917175453_nreleased, allowed to finally blossom.” I believe this to be the case, whilst Bridlington was an amazing place with some people who I thank God every time I remember them, there were also people there who because of whatever reason wanted me to fail. This became a very hard place to continue to remain the person I wanted to be. But, I believe that although some things in life don’t make any sense at all, sometimes it’s good to remember that the dawn of that sacred Sunday morning did arrive after the horrors of that darkest of Fridays. Plus how can one teach about living a life of forgiveness if one has never had to forgive. For those who wished me ill, i forgive you.

But enough of the deep and moody stuff! On with the party!


New Food– It has to be the Parmo, a local Teeside delicacy of deep fried chicken with a cheesey topping! Class !

Film – Of mice and Men. Never studied this in school like the rest of the world seems to have done, so engaging with the story for the first time was truly inspirational. Films about the human condition, emotion and sacrifice far out way big special effects for me.
Book – To Kill a Mocking Bird. Put this down and gave up on it half way though, but someone told me the ending was life changing. They were right ! truly remarkable book.
Television –Merlin – BBC – great story telling, and being a bit of an Arthurian nerd i was glad they stuck more or less to the legend!
Album –looking back there doesn’t seem to be any new albums in my Spotify play list, but the track that i have played to death has been from this guy Deekron the fitness DJ. I don’t really like that sort of music but the beat is a really good motivator to run to and takes my mind of the pain! DeekronTheFitnessDJ-1024x702

St Max’s / XY – A truly emotional goodbye to all of the folks from these two communities, and i couldn’t do it without bubbling like a baby! and it has been strange not being part of a community like this for the time being as well as missing the people i have missed the spirituality and the journey of discipleship with open minded and inquisitive people. But it is a blessing to see them continue in a new form, and still on the journey….399032_10151495899610160_285802348_n
Personal Sporting moment It has to be Finishing the Great North Run in September, with my Brother Adam. I finished in just over 2hrs, which after been in Physio most of the year with my knees i was v pleased with ! Plus getting to the Paralympics this summer, and seeing the athletics in the stadium and a GB Gold!
Most inspiring person – It might sound a bit cheesy but i am sure he will never read this so its ok, but my colleague Revd Mike Proctor has been such an inspiration this year. He is an amazing priest and has been like a big brother to me. Rebuilding me and teaching me the secret ways of the Jedi, (or whatever it is we do in church…) He has made this year Fun and given me a real appetite for all i am called to do! Plus the fact we both look like Father Ted and Dougal! 544836_10151816256315160_670172980_n

Joshua and Caleb moment – Taking the boys to the Olympics this summer was a really memorable time, i took them individually to see the football matches, Caleb’s tooth fell out when he cheered as New Zealand scored! 411379_10152003017805160_968908384_o



Martha moment -With the new house Martha got her own bedroom, which of course had to be Pink! 389080_10151930357500160_350045734_nplus the way all three of them have adapted to all the changes and even excelled in School has been very humbling. The way in which the church has taken them in and adopted them all has also been a huge blessing!
Becky Moment – Bex has found this year hard, giving up her job in Filey to move up here and not find work. But i have been amazed at her resolve to continue looking when at times it has been really hard to do so. She is now teaching in a supply capacity with what looks like a positive horizon on view for the new year! 416079_10152013955480160_1406058075_o

New web experience – Pintrest, can spend hours on that site…

Moments never to forget: spending time with really good friends over the year, watching JK run the London Marathon,and giving me the inspiration to dig some trainers out! Great nights out in Yarm and having folk come over and stay, have all added to fab memories. Having a wonderful family and reigniting old family ties has been very special with the highlight been able to preach at my cousins wedding.

2012 has been a transitional year in many ways, and i think it will have been a great year from which to spring into 2013. Which if everything goes to plan will be an exceptional year and yet again bring new and fresh changes.

So thanks for reading about all that has happen on planet Norton, for those of you whom i know, i will continue to pray that God’s peace may abound in your lives over the next year, and thank you for the journey so far!


Grace and Peace



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