joy boxes

At this months St Maxs we have begun to embrace the idea of giving, to each other, to the church and to the community around us. The idea comes from a church in the USA called Mars Hill in Grand Rapids. Here is basics of what we are trying to do ….

Joy Boxes

Here at St Max’s we live a relatively care free existence! But things are changing. We have been meeting as a community for 3 years and during that time we have met in many different places, times and ways and also with lots of different people. One of the things that we have been blessed with is the support from the wider church who have let us use their facilities at their cost. This has meant that we could concentrate on creating and forming a community that reaches people who would not normally consider church or their own faith. But there comes a time when every community begins to grow in both size and depth. We have certainly seen more people wanting to be a part of the community that is St Max’s. So with these changes come more demands on us, loving and caring for each other making sure people new to the community feel at home and welcomed, that they will experience the same reassurances that you received when you first came along that you are accepted what ever your views or lifestyle choices.

Also with these changes comes a growing sense of our responsibilities to the wide church and world, as we continue to become community we must put our faith into action as well as continuing to explore what faith means. This will have implications on all sorts of areas of our lives as someone once said “The more I get to know Jesus, the more trouble he seems to get me into.”

So I would like us as a community to start using Joy boxes!
“Whats a Joy Box?” A joy box is something you can have in your own home as well as at St Max’s, its a place that you can put your money into to support St Max’s but you can also put things in there that are going to bless other people, for instance if you see an offer for buy one get one free, ask yourself could someone else benefit from this free one? If so put it in your joy box to pass on or bring it to St max’s and we will distribute it to those that need it. Or maybe it will be Tesco’s vouchers or Morrison’s vouchers. Maybe you are creative and you can bless someone with something you have made? These are all things that can go into a joy box. If you believe in this community it is going to need your investment, which will mean time and money, sometimes more than you can afford to give. But one lesson I have learnt is that God never asks us to sacrifice any more than he is willing to bless us ! And his blessings always out weigh the sacrifices !

Please come back to me on any of this, I hope that we can be known by our love and generosity for God and each other and in so doing learn more about what it means to usher in God’s kingdom.

Grace and Peace

Winter 2012


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