Responding to Driscoll

Not that my thoughts matter a jot in this conversation but here is my response to this article


There was once a famous preacher who felt convicted to preach the Gospel to everyone who would listen and even those who wouldn’t.  Over time this preacher become world famous, many listened to his every word, many bought t-shirts with his strap lines on them, read the books he endorsed and sang the songs he told them to.

But one day seeing that he seemed to be the only one doing this he thought to himself, what God has asked me to do is so important that surely i must not just be the only one to undertake this vital work for God.  So he began to speak to other preachers.  He realised that these other preachers where not doing the same things as him and therefore they where not as good and they where not saving as many souls as he was.  So the famous preacher began to curse the lesser known preachers for the way in which they went about their work, that they were not saying the right things or being manly enough.  This caused much uproar, with many people being offended and spitting back words of hate and venom about this arrogant preacher from a far off land.

But one old man who had worked, all his life as a preacher in a small village that not many people knew about heard the comments of the famous preacher and decided to he needed to respond to the challenge he had laid down.

He wrote a very unusual letter to the famous preacher asking him if he would come and fight him. If he would step in to a boxing ring and go three rounds with him.  This seemed very strange as the old man was well past his prime and even used aides to help him walk, where as the famous preacher was a well built man in his prime, and although the use of violence was not something he would have been used to this mismatch in this context was of biblical proportions. The letter concluded by stating the only condition to this contest is that the looser must step down from their position in their churches and they must never preach or speak of Christ ever again.

The letter arrived on the desk of the famous preacher and at first he was shocked by the proposal, but then after some thought he realised that it would be great publicity and that he could use this event to further his message and back up his original out cry that preachers need to be much more manly.


The date and event was arranged and much uproar was debated, blogged and tweeted about.  On the day of the event the opponents met for the first time in the ring the large famous preach seeing the small frame of the old man knew that there was another narrative at work here.  The bravado, and arrogance of the famous preacher dissolved like an ice cube on a hot plate.  Amongst the cheering crowds the famous preacher walked over to the old man and asked.  ‘Why would you agree to doing this when the odds are so stacked against you?’ ‘Don’t you love Christ?’

The old man looked up in to the famous preachers eyes and said in a small soft voice “Yes i love Christ, and that is why i propose to loose this contest, for I would rather have faith and loose it in the battle of preaching than walk into heaven without any spiritual scars.’


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