Big Announcement….

Well…… New Year New Job !!!!!  I can now officially announce that I will be starting a new role this Easter!

I have been asked and have taken a pioneer minsters job in Middlesbrough.

This means that after 5 ½ years in Bridlington we are all moving up north.  We leave Brid on 2nd April and I will begin my new job on 26th April.  The role is an interesting one, I will be working with a great Vicar called Mike Proctor who runs St Cuthbert’s church in Marton, which is on the south side of the city.  My role is really still a blank sheet of paper, I will be working in the community, mainly with those who do not go to church or really consider their own faith journey.  I will also be working ¼ time with young people, which was a surprise when I was officially offered the job and this hadn’t featured in the conversations we had, but it is a pleasant surprise as working with young people has always been something I missed doing whilst in Brid.  I will be working in the local church and supporting and continuing to learn and understand the inherited church.

For me personally, this all feels very strange.  I have never been in this sort of place before, by that I mean the all the jobs that I have ever taken before I have felt at this point that “there is no way that I can do that!” whether it was getting my first job as a hairdresser being a youth minster at a huge church or becoming ordained.  But in many ways I don’t feel that apprehensive about this new role, I feel that I do have a fair idea about my own abilities and I will be able to make something of it.  The apprehension I guess is that I want my working relationships to work well.  I will reflect on my time in Bridlington at a later time, but one of the things that I wish had been better is the working relationships with those around me.  I think I have learnt that with the type of ministry I am involved with, sometimes the horizon lines move so often that there are times when it is hard to make sense of anything that I am doing, and to have the support from the inherited institution, of which I am apart is vital if anything is going to work and thrive.

It will be a big move for us as a family, as it will mean that we step out of the area in which we both have our parents at hand.  It will also mean Becky giving up her job and looking for something for September.

We are sad to be leaving Brid and some of the really great friends that we have made.  But I know that those friendships although will change, will also last.  And the communities of XY and St Maxs will also continue to grow and develop, maybe not in the same way in which they have done.  But again I will save that for another post.

So here’s to the new year, here’s to fresh starts and new beginnings and here’s to blank sheets of paper and to painting great new master pieces of God’s Kingdom on them!


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