new blog design

Having revived my blog i thought i would give it a bit of revamp. Many of my friends have paid to design and upload their stuff on their blogs, but i still as yet cannot justify doing so. So i am sticking with the free themes that wordpress offer.

Back when i dirst started this blog i though i would call it bluesoul. mainly because i wanted something that was open ended and didn’t give the blog a particular slant in any one direction that would either entice or dissuade other s from visiting. i thought in some ways it summer me up as someone who through the word blue means open sky, adventurous, and always seeking and soul with the spiritual side of me that will not be pinned down by dogma but open to seeking relationship and community with God and others.

So it was a nice surprise that when i actually googled the meaning of ‘bluesoul’ this was the definition of what i found,

Bluesoul , bluesoul meaning , definition of bluesoul , what is bluesoul – A humanist, politically very much to the left, very liberal on most (social) issues. A bluesoul dislikes hypocrisy, racism, homophobia and any kind of intolerance towards minorities or any other marginal groups/people solely for what they are (or were born as).Considers him/herself a complex person by nature, open-minded, very friendly and polite.
Some examples : Famous bluesouls include Noam Chomsky, Slavoj Zizek, Edward Said.

not a bad description as it happens !!!


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