My New Year message from Bridlington Free Press

FOR many people 2011 has been a hard year.

For some it may have been difficult financially, for others it may have been for more personal reasons, maybe due to illness or losing a loved one.

When hard times come they often bring lots of questions, usually more questions then answers!

Questions of why, when and how, questions many times that cannot be answered.

So with 2012 approaching and the forecasters telling us that it is going to be another hard year, how are we supposed to celebrate on New Year’s Eve if it means that we are going to face much more anxiety in the coming 12 months?

I have heard a few people quote from the Batman film ‘The Dark Knight’ when it says “The night is always darkest just before the dawn”, which roughly means that hope is just around the corner.

This might be great if hope is right around the corner, but what if it doesn’t look likely?

For me, trusting in God in times of pain is not about finding a crutch to try and get through it but rather accepting what is happening and finding peace in the middle of the chaos.

As I read on Twitter the other day, “With God, it is in the darkness that we find that we are loved.”

Sometimes hope doesn’t always look the way we expect it to.

The big story of God is about how he loves to surprise us, that even in the darkest times he promises never to leave us.

So whatever this new year brings you, I pray that you will come to know that whatever you face you will know that you never have to face it alone!


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