my 2011….

Heading quickly towards the new year i thought i would spend a few moments in reflection on the past year and all that has gone on…. so taking the concept of last two years here are my highlights.
It’s been a bit of a London year!

Looking back over this year, I have to admit that creatively it has not been a good one.  Having just read the review for my blog I have only had 18 posts in total this year! And when it comes to writing this reflection some of the topics such as films almost having to be left blank as I have not had or made the time to to watch anything.  In all 2011 has been a very grey year.  There has been some amazing highlights, moments, and achievements, but I have to say that it has been a safe year, and for those of you who know me safe is not something that I eagerly seek out! But then I guess it is good to have years like that, Becky has been the focus, in her completing her degree and getting a new full time job in teaching.  But enough waffle!!!

Film – see above….
Book –The God Father by Mario Puzo. I watched the film years ago and as always the book is much better ! Although I wished he would have left the stuff out about Luca Brasi that was just sick!  I also discovered Martina Cole, having read The Take, I loved the grittiness of her style!
Television – Has to be Boardwalk Empire.  I have always loved Steve Buscemi and this has given him the role he has always deserved.  Great Era as well set in the 1930’s a time of great suits and tashes !
Album –Noel Gallagher’s High Flying birds has been a particular highlight and on repeat play, but I have also found Ben Harper and Bon Iver as well this year who have also featured highly on the playlist.

St Max’s –  Seeing the new growth within the community as well as seeing others warm to new people coming along , it is certainly a place I would love to go to if I had the choice. although the Angels we found were very good fun!
XY – Many great nights, but our retreat to holy island, and swimming with the seals in Brandam bay! Stunning!
Personal Sporting moment –Football – playing two nights a week now, Thursday being the best night as the lads have so much passion.  This season beating the champions 2-1 a really great performance which was made all the more delightful by the way the opposition moaned all night!
Most inspiring person – Ben Walker – Gallerino Photo studio – Ben has been a real inspiration to me this year though his photography and friendship. Needless to say he has taken loads of photos of us which can be seen here.
Photo I have taken – having spent time talking With Ben Walker  and as a result finding lightroom3 I think this photo of my little brother was the one I have enjoyed most
Work moment – I think seeing the the amazing people I have had chance to journey in faith and life with over the past year, for those who have faced very difficult situations and have come though them finding God in the process.  Also the Beach hut advent calendar, although hard work brought some really magical moments
Joshua moment – Our tour of the KC stadium with my dad was awesome, Taking joshua round the changing rooms and sitting the the dugout.  Knowing that the next time we went to see the Tigers he would know where all his heroes have been sat and preparing.
Caleb moment – Teaching him to ride his bike, he got a balance bike earlier on this year that when he got it he loved it so much he had to take it to bed with him, which was fine until he decided that we would then ride it down stairs the next morning!!!! He is now riding a proper bike….. On solid ground
Martha moment -Swimming on a Friday morning is one of the highlights of my week, and without a shadow of a doubt is one of martha’s!
Becky Moment – celebrating 10 years of marriage !!! we had a photo shoot done to celebrate so Bex got back in her wedding dress and we headed down to the beach to get some shots ! Taking her to see the Queen at the Buckingham Palace Garden Party.  What an amazing day, followed by seeing Matt Lucas in in Les Miserables and then getting up and heading to the Town House in Soho for Breakfast. Stuff memories are made of. And seeing her 1940’s pin up photo shoot !

New web experience – The fancy

Moments never to forget:  I had a great time down in London with my mate Joe for my 31st and a tour around the hallowed turf that is Stamford Bridge (home of Chelsea football club).  Also finding out when we got to our mates who was putting us up that he was in Morocco, so we ha to ask twitter if anyone had a bed for two nights !!! a result within 15 mins!!! gotta love social media and @revjoannecox !!

So big news coming soon about this year ! stay tuned and all will be reviled on Monday.  But for now Grace and Peace, and May God’s blessings knock you speechless this new year!



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