Here come the beach huts!….

So here we are again heading at an alarming rate towards Christmas….. or are we?  First we have Advent that lost season of reflection and mystery as we head into the darkness to find the light that is the message of Christmas!



We Started the project 2 years ago and it has been a great success, the concept is we take a beach at on the Southside in Bridlington and every night from the first to 24 December between 6 PM and 7 PM we create a giant life-size Advent calendar using the gifts and talents of local people and organisations to retell the famous story in a new, fun and fresh way.


The details of this year’s events can be found below, we want to allow people to celebrate Advent and to hear and interact with the story in a way that they have never done before,  during last year’s events it was amazing to see a real community spirit emerge and evolve during the darkest coldest nights of the year.




So here is the 1st nights extravaganza for the beach huts


We are going to have a local rapper and MC to announce the start of this great story, we will be recalling the fun we have had in the past as we begin to turn to look towards our new journey to a spectacular Christmas eve


With some added free and fun stuff as well!






Here are the rest of the events


Friday the second-

The Romans are coming! The chaps from Electric angel studio in Scarborough are leading the theme of thinking about oppression and peace with a huge interactive art display 


Saturday the third-

It’s all about Mary, making a giant mosaic of Mary and thinking about who Mary might have been if she was alive today. thinking about issues of teen pregnancies and responciblities of young people today.


Sunday the fourth-

Mary and Joseph get engaged, a local joiner and carpenter, will be turning the beach hut into his own workshop.  helping us think about the role the Joseph a normal working man had to play in this awesome story


Monday the fifth-

The angel appears to Mary.  Ever seen an angel?  well tonight is your chance ! you will also have the chance to become one yourself with a little twist on some cameras and a few lights!



Tuesday  the sixth-

Joseph’s dream, angels and dreams theme, if you could dream a dream this Advent what would it be? Come and add to our dream cloud with your creations.


Wednesday the seventh-

The journey begins, a time to reflect on our own journeys and how they intertwine with other, come and join in on the dusty road !


Thursday the eighth-

The journey to Bethlehem, Emmanuel church invite us to look for Bethlehem.


Friday the ninth-

They travelled on a donkey, Big Me, a local band will be treating us to a festive feast of music and singing.


Saturday the 10th-

A star appeared in the sky, Local professional photographer Ben Walker will be taking portrait photos in our beach hut / photo booth… with some fun props and a chance to be snapped in our competition for best nativity character!


Sunday the 11th-

Some wise men appeared in the East, come and eat like a King taste some exotic food from the ancient near East. with our resident chef Rich Hines, an amazing feast on a cold night !


Monday the 12th-

They brought gold frankincense and myrrh, the young people form Beverley Minster will be showing and raising the themes of commercialism and Christmas


Tuesday the 13th-

The wise men met cruel King Herod, A puppet show allowing us time to think about the dark times and lots of singing and dancing, with a chance for little ones to take part in the show!


Wednesday the 14th-

Herod sent the Kings to Bethlehem, Bridlington Boys brigade lead drama, singing interactive arts and crafts on the theme with hot chocolate and mince pies.


Thursday the 15th-

Finding somewhere to stay, local teacher Andrea Jones tell us the story of ‘Little robin red vest.  on the theme of thinking about others with arts and crafts…


Firday the 16th-

Mary and Joseph found a stable, our world famous KNITIVITY!!!!! with the whole crib scene having being knitted for this night! including a life-sized knitted donkey !


Saturday the 17th-

They slept rough in a stable,with only a manger that would become a crib.  Mary Fawsett leads a craft night making manger cribs from bits of paper.


Sunday the 18th-

In a dream the kings were told not to go back to Herod, a digital visual presentation on the theme of freedom and peace.


Monday the 19th-

The wise men spread the good news, face painting and art work from local artist Val Norton!


Tuesday the 20th-

In the hills nearby were some shepherds who were shocked at the sight and sound of the Angels, Emmanuel Play group fill our beach hut with real life shepherds and angels


Wednesday the 21st-

The Angels Sung! local singer song writer Laura Bancroft, sings like an angel, as she treats us to an amazing performance!


Thursday the 22nd-

Glory to God in the highest and peace to all men on earth, we think about our Armed Forces who will not be home for Christmas with full Scottish bagpipe band, and the making of our digital Christmas card which we will post on-line to our service men and woman who will not be home this Christmas.


Friday the 23rd-

The shepherds went to see the baby, making the star! as the star settles above the stable we create the light the tells a much bigger story!


Saturday the 24th-Christmas Eve-the last night!

We celebrate Christmas, with an amazing extravaganza of a finale with local classic Christmas pop singers leading the celebrations, as well as  hot food and drink, magicians, artists, the full cast of the Nativity and much more still to be confirmed, there’s no better way to head into Christmas night!



Grace and Peace, and see you down there! 


Ben x