Fasting and Lent…

So this year for lent, I decided that I would fast from sunrise to sunset every day…. this was for a number of reasons

1) to pray to pray for both persecuted Christians and Muslims in the world.
2) to get a better understanding of what is Muslims go through during Ramadan.3) to focus my prayers on people who don’t have the choice about whether they can eat or not.

The idea behind doing this I thought would be to keep a diary as I went, recording my difference experiences, but alas that hasn’t been the case and this week we quickly head to the halfway point of lent, this is my first blog post!

So how has the experience been? In a word, difficult….

I’m also doing this fast with another friend of mine who I’m sure if I wasn’t doing it with him I probably would have caved in by now, but bring a bit of competition into the agenda has had me focused. I have really enjoyed the experience so far, it’s taught me how much I take food granted, how much I use it for comfort and actually how much I use it to entertain myself when I’m bored, “I’m bored, i wonder what we have in to eat?”

It has also highlighted a lot of things about my own personality that I didn’t really knew existed, it has certainly made me aware of my own limitations, of knowing that when I’m tired and hungry and low on energy I need to keep a check on my feelings and emotions, and be aware of how I’m treating others.

I’ve also found the space left that would usually be taken by mealtimes is a great opportunity to pray, and I found myself praying for people that I wouldn’t usually pray for.

I think if I am right Friday is halfway, and I’m looking forward to knowing that the second half of lent the end is closer than the start. I have fasted in the past before for 24 hours at a time but I’ve never undertaken anything like this.

So please, if you could help me fill the spaces that I now find I have by not eating, I would love to pray for you or a situation or somebody you know. I believe to be able to pray for somebody else is one of the most truly humbling and amazing privileges that God has given us….




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