Jeremy Kyle: priest or predator?…

Last night  at God shape questions we talked about the phenomenon that is the Jeremy Kyle show.   the questions we asked were


Do you watch Jeremy Kyle if so why?
Do you think that this has replaced the idea of confession in a church?
There are 259,000 websites for anonymous confessions why do you think we need to confess?
If we feel as though we have done wrong how can we change it?
Do you think Jesus and JK are similar? Why or why not?


We had a really good conversation about why people might watch this show and what is they get out of it. We then looked   at a story about a woman who had been caught having sex and therefore committing adultery in a country where the law stated she should then lose her life. We asked the questions what would happen if this woman had been brought on to the Jeremy Kyle show what would be a response from Jeremy Kyle, the audience and those watching at home be?


As we then listened to how the story actually unfolded we saw that she was brought by some very religious man and thrown in front of an another religious teacher, the first religious men wanting to catch the latter out explain the situation and told him he had to make a decision about what to do with her. The story can be found here.   what amazes me more than anything else about this story is not a genius of the man’s answer, but rather the dignity he affords the woman by not looking at her as she stood naked in front of him but rather the way he ends up telling her she’s not condemned by God or by anyone else and if she really didn’t want to be in this position again than the ball was in her court.


Quite a large contrast to what we see going on on the Jeremy Kyle show, but then we see his mother speaking to those who are in trouble is very strong and harsh and as one person said maybe they’ve never been told  what right or wrong is?

I know how I would like to be told and that by not been shouted at, then the gods love more often than not sort out the stuff that I don’t  do right, rather than him screaming and shouting and telling me I am going to hell.


What are your thoughts?


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