Ok so i feel as though i have to say something about this issue, as it seems to have caused some debate amongst a few people i know.


For those of you reading this cold, I will explain the situation. I was driving in the car the other day listening to the local BBC radio and the news story was brought up about Elton John having a baby by a surrogate mother.  The person being interviewed (I will not name him as i don’t want to give him any more publicity) was very right wing stating that he believed that all gay men and women were offensive to God and how this story of Elton John was very wrong, he then went on verbally attack gay men and women.


What offended me more than anything about this man was that he was claiming to be the voice of Christianity, and how judgemental he was being about gay men and women.


I texted into the show saying that this man did not speak for the whole of the Christian faith but was one voice within it, the show then rang me back asking if i would speak on the issues.  I declined not because i didn’t want to speak but i didn’t feel as though i could articulate my thoughts clearly enough  to do the topic the justice it deserves.


So here are my thoughts and responses to the comments that i have read over the past 2 days…


Firstly my mind is not made up on this issue about weather gay men and women should be able to have / adopt a child, personally i do not see a problem with it, but the reading of scriptures influences me differently.  Having been adopted myself into a loving caring family (albeit a heterosexual one ) i know enormous benefits of being brought up in a safe and loving family unit.  A family unit that i would have been free to explore my own sexuality if i had chosen to and not been condemned for doing so.  I didn’t as i didn’t need to, but the fact remains that the love of a family unit goes far beyond age, sexual orientation or race.


For me this issue is not about the ethics of right or wrong but rather the ethics of love, will this child be loved? Yes, just as the child that Elton John wanted to adopt before he had Zachary, the first child is suffering with HIV but because of the laws about same sex relationships the couple were denied, would that child have experienced love, yes he would and whilst he may well be denied the love that these two men could offer him he has received the best health care money could buy.


What first drew me towards God was not his Judgement of me it was his unconditional love, it was the knowledge that I had been created by a being that wanted me to be created and wanted me to know that.  So when it comes to others, who, just like me have been created, I know that they are loved by God no matter what their views are about others, or what their sexual ordination might be.  So although some peoples views on this issue shock me, i will not love them any less because in doing so i would be denying them the greatest gift God has given to me and that is the peace i have found knowing that i am God’s child, and adopted by God himself.


I know that this leaves lots unanswered, but actually that’s the deal, because i don’t have the monopoly on God or his opinions, i have one understanding of God, and that has been shaped by my experience and understanding, but that will change.  And that change will come from listening to others and hearing their stories, reflecting on scripture and listening God.  My only prayer is that i will find the grace to do that, and hopefully so can others.


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