Heading quickly towards the new year i thought i would spend a few moments in reflection on the past year and all that has gone on…. so taking the idea i had at the end of last year here are my highlights.

It’s been a bit of an African year!

FilmAfrica United I first saw this film at Greenbelt this summer, where they had the first ever public showing, it was not quite finished at the point but i loved it.  A very good film raising many issues faced by children in Africa today, HIV, poverty and child slavery.  I then took Joshua to see it when it came out in September.

Book –Desmond Tutu God has a dream, i read this at the start of the year and we then studied it as a community. I loved it and it has changed my theology and also how i view everyone else!

Television – The final season of 24 did not disappoint. But the documentaries Rankin in Africa and Zimbabwe’s forgotten children have both changed my view of the world.  Both for very different reasons.

Album –Matisyahu – Light found this guy on Spotify earlier in the year and love his stuff and also Cat Empire – Two shoes was the theme tune to the summer !

St Max’s – Our beach party at the end of summer really was the jewel in the crown of a fantastic summer , starting with our world cup parties in the garden with the big screen BBQ and hot tub nights! The beach party was packed, we had a BBQ, Kyack rounders, small lanterns and Chinese lanterns to finish the night off.

Personal Sporting moment – Winning players player of the season award from the lads. It was an awesome night that concluded a hard season

Most inspiring person – Desmond Tutu, I really love his teaching and the way he talks about Grace

Magazine –Not really a magazine but the new iPaper from the Independent has been very good, short and to the point without a political bias very refreshing in this current climate of political spin

Photo I have taken – After getting my new camera (canon 1000d) for my birthday i have really enjoyed my photography and i would probably choose this one taken on retreat on Holy Island in September.

Work moment – Has to be two of the weddings i did this year one on a beach in Mozambique and the other in a tipi in North Yorkshire great fun and amazing moments of God’s blessing.

Joshua moment – Journeying with him through his first world cup, a right of passage of any boy! sharing the highs and lows that football entails and buying him his Jo’balani World cup final ball for his birthday.

Caleb moment – With Becky starting her PGSE, Fridays have now become daddy days, so Caleb and i have been spending Friday mornings when Martha is asleep making beer!   I can be sure that Caleb is going to be the most popular student at Uni having learnt and perfected the skill of beer making from the age of 3!

Martha moment -picking her up in my arms whilst leading a service only for her to rip out my dog collar and throw it away in front of the whole church.  I think she might be a prophet!

Becky Moment – My 30th, she threw me an amazing party, made me one of the most amazing cakes i have ever seen, and she makes a HOT green fairy!

New web experience – Spotify Premium, it means i can have whatever music i like with me all the time… Lovely!

Moments never to forget:  It has to be my trip back to South Africa  for the first time since i was 18 months old. I married two really good friends of mine on a beach in Mozambique.  It was a very emotional time for many reasons, and i have started to blog about it a few times but not been able to finish it.  Maybe i will get some time in the new year to put everything down.

So may peace be yours this Christmas time, and may the New Year change horizons and bring you hope that you never knew existed.

Grace and peace.



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