This weeks running theme has been the ongoing soap opera between the Milliband brothers…. Ed the duck doing one over the Heir Apparent Dave, then Dave feeling totally humiliated takes home his bat and ball !!!

So our discussion this week at Xy was all about families…  It is interesting as when we actually take a moment we all have very varied and sometimes complex stories to tell about families, this often small set of people who shape and change our lives more than any other circumstance, yet we don’t have the choice as to who they are!!! I know i have had 3 of them.

It’s good to tell our stories and to talk about who and what has shaped us, it’s even better when people listen.

I wonder if you sit back and think about it, how many areas of your life do people listen to you without an agenda?  Do you find family a place that you can talk and tell your stories of life and be listened to, or have you developed family in new ways and places?……

I wonder what you would say?


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