to burn or not to burn?…….

Well just having spent 5 mins on the guys website i don’t really think i can find the words to say what i want to articulate !!!!

I find what this Terry Jones guy is saying deeply offensive, which shocks me as i very rarely get offended by anything.  But then reading the comments left on his video on youtube i feel quite sick that both Christians and Muslims can actually say such things.

To be totally honest if either of the people with these view points Christian, Muslim or whatever, actually wanted to torture and kill me because of my beliefs or sexual orientation then quite frankly they would be my guest, because i would not want to live in a world where that viewpoint is held as a healthy way to journey.

I think that the only way to enter into this conversation at any level is if it at the cost of the one entering, as hatred of this level will only ever be overcome through sacrifice of oneself and love that is willing to give up everything.

What do you think?


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