The Rich mans world cup, South Africa and the crime of the world cup.

This Summers world cup looks to be the biggest and best the world has ever seen, and i personally believe that the idea of holding it in South Africa is a fantastic idea.  to bring the world’s focus upon a country that still has huge issues 60% unemployment to start with, and no welfare state, huge issues of crime and corruption.  Then there is the issue of the poor, the street sellers that are being banned already (still 38 days to go!) the men and women who make a living from selling drinks and ice cream to tourists visiting the stadiums.  you can read more about it here.

There are many many statistics out there that will tell you that FIFA are the bad guys only allowing officially sponsored vendors to be selling anything but then if they didn’t they would not have the revenue to invest in the first place.  There have been huge improvements infrastructure, employment, and many other benefits.

Jesus once said the poor will always be with us, I wonder what this means in this context?  There are poor in SA now and there will be after the world cup has left town, i guess the question has to be were there more or less afterwards?

no matter what we do how far we go, how much money we spend there will always be someone who needs help who doesn’t have enough, i wonder then that might be why Jesus spent so much time with people like this. He ushered in change not through hanging with the guys that had the power and the wealth but with the exact opposite….

I wonder what this message has to say to us today, and during this world cup?

for more conversations and ideas check out this article


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