St Max’s prayer, feasting and fasting weekend!!!!

You are invited to St Max’s prayer and feasting and fasting weekend! 4th June – 6th June.

See Fb group or the website for more details

Kids are welcome and have really enjoyed it when we have don it in the past.

We are kicking off with 24hrs of fasting….
Fasting is an ancient spiritual practise, people have fasted for many reasons, one of them is that it helps us focus our minds as we come to pray for the poor, each other and the world. We will then break the fast as we feast together on the Friday night in the usual St Max’s way with a huge banquet, and lots to eat and drink !

If you have never fasted food for 24 hours before or if you have medical reasons why you would not want to do this, then you can fast something else, like the TV or your mobile or something that you would find it hard to give up

The weekend is based in Emmanuel church Bridlington in the side chapel (check out the website for some awesome pics of how we transform this space into chilled zone to explore spirituality.)

The Programme….

The weekend begins with a day of fasting starting 7:30pm on Thursday night

Prayer zone opens with Daily office morning prayer 9am
Prayer zone open all day (paint, play, pray, rest read, think, do, be…)
St Max’s gathering starting with grand banquet at… 7:30pm

Prayer zone opens at 9am
Prayer zone open all day (paint, play, pray, rest read, think, do, be…)
Lunch Feast 1pm – Thinking about Sabbath
End the day in peace – Compline 9pm
Baptism service 11am
A chance to explore the prayer zone
A final blessing as the prayer zone closes 2pm

Hope you can join us at some point during the weekend!

Grace and Peace



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