The Theist Delusion….

I am just sat reading some more of the God Delusion by Richard Dawkins, many Christians have slated him and his work, and i don’t have all that much time for the guy myself, but what struck me about his view point, and his book is that he is arguing that God does not exist from an atheists point of view.  But if he used his intellect to argue from a theist’s (someone who believes in God) point of view he may well have a very interesting case at hand.

He uses wide sweeping assumptions about both God and people of faith, which is then backed up by fact and theory to make his point.  Personally i just find this boring and largely irrelevant, and i believe that what he hates about God and faith seeking people is really what we all hate.  Mainly fundamental extremists, who will argue to the point that they forget the reason they began speaking in the first place, for me this is what Dawkins is so guilty of himself, he becomes the atheist’s version of Vicky Pollard ….. on speed!

There does need to be conversation about God and all religion and faith seeking people, and these consternations must never stop but they must be ones in which we are willing to be proved wrong, willing to listen and willing to journey with one another….

Philosopher and follower of Christ Pete Rollins states that we should never question God, but always question our concept of God.

No matter what we are certain of when it comes to faith and religion, the only sure thing is that God is bigger than who we think.  So Allow the mystery that is God to be the focus of your journey, not the concept that you understand today!


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