A Christian view on aliens……

Stephen Hawking warns over making contact with aliens

Stephen Hawking

Mr Hawking says it is ‘perfectly rational’ to believe in aliens

Aliens almost certainly exist but humans should avoid making contact, Professor Stephen Hawking has warned.

This week conversation at lad’s church was about the fact that Prof Hawkins believes that mathematically there is a good possibility that there could be extra terrestrial life out there, but if we were anything to go by we should leave well alone.  Looking at how we have treated the Earth and each other, what would make ET any nicer?

We had a good conversation, with one of the issues being,  ‘Does the belief in ET life belong to nutters and extremists?’  if this is the case then surely one could say the same about those who have claimed religious experiences.  What is the difference between one person saying i have been visited by aliens and another saying that they have been visited by God?

Personally, as someone claiming the latter i do expect people to think that i am a bit wack.  But mainly that’s because its a bit of weird thing to try and describe.  I know that God speaks to me, I know that he fills me with peace, and then I kind of run out of words, because what I am trying to do is describe something that is beyond words.  What i would say is journey with me a while, and you will see what i mean.  Because I believe that when we see what goes on, when words are no longer needed, that is the moment when we really find out the truth about each other.

It’s like this; you know your friendship / relationship counts when you don’t have to fill in the silences.  For me that’s what church is about.  Being with People and with God and not having to find someone else to be.

I am not sure about ET life, but i would say that if i spent some time with someone that does, my ideas would no doubt change.

I wonder then if actually we would be better spending time getting to know each other a little better rather than finding out if there are more things to space, than space?



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