Espresso Scripture 12.04.2010

Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established.
Romans 13

With a General election in the UK coming up very soon this scripture came to mind. 

It has always posed big questions for me when i think about how this must have been read by those under Nazi occupation or those living under corrupt governments in Zimbabwe or Iran.

What does it mean to be true to God when those in authority over us are not acting in a Godly way.

There have been many times in my life when i have faced people who have made bad choices when they have had the power to act other wise.

I believe that as someone who tries to walk the ways of Christ it is not about what is right and wrong but rather what we choose to do with it.  Nelson Mandela rightly challenged the government he was under and paid a heavy price for it.   Quite often truth, peace and righteousness will cost us more than we want to give. 

The fact of the matter is it is about choice.  So please no matter what you think about politics please vote one way or another as many people don’t have the choice and if we don’t use our vote, we may not always have the choice either.


One thought on “Espresso Scripture 12.04.2010

  1. Angel Jem

    Yes! Don’t say who you voted for, just say you voted!I was shocked to hear that up to 50% of young people weren’t even registered to vote. What’s wrong with our politics that young people can’t get excited about the current conditions? What happened to the idealistic extreme thinkers of youth… extreme either way. I know it’s easy to blame the culture of self-satisfied materialism, but…. there is something out there standing between the young and their conscience. Me, I’m just a mother watching her children grow up and wondering how to get them filled with passion for life and living…. not easy under a mountain of debt, drink, drugs and rock’n’roll (the last is a joke)facing them.
    perhaps we need to teach them about their history, the fight for the vote by both men and women and the fact that to see a change they must be the change. Sorry for the rant.


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