Holy week reflections number 2: The face….

The second reflection of the meeting with Jesus wit the person who doesn’t know who he was….

I couldn’t really sleep last night, I could not get that man’s face out of my mind, it was that moment that passed between us after he had picked up the child.

I don’t know if it was his eyes or his smile, or both, or something else?

It was like there was a depth to his face that seemed to never end, it was like those eyes had seen everything that had ever happened and everything that was ever going to happen and they looked to say “Everything is good, everything is well and everything is going to be all right.”  

Then there was that smile, a smile that seemed to speak a million words, it was like a ray of stunning bright sunshine after a dark and hectic storm, or like someone had suddenly turned up the colour on everything, it was almost like nothing else in this life has ever been as real or as bright as that one moment!

I must find him again…
I must speak with him…..


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