Holy week reflections Number 1: Hands….

i thought i would send out some Espresso Thoughts rather than Espresso Scriptures during Holy Week.

So these are short thoughts / meditations about someone who might have met Jesus in the led up to his death.  I hope you enjoy them, if you do feel free to pass them on.

Grace and Peace


“It was his hands that I noticed first, he was picking up a child who had fallen over on the rough cobbles of the dusty street.  He had stopped dead amongst the huge busyness when he heard the child’s cry.

His hands were that of a man, they were big, weather beaten, dusty, and with broken edges, but they looked to have an embracing strength. It seemed that they could evoke both power and gentleness at any moment, they were hands that could bring change.

After he had dusted down the child he turned and looked at me, as our eyes met, he smiled, I don’t know what it was about that moment but something within me changed.  But that’s a story for another day.

As he walked away I began to wonder what this man would use those hands for, what he would achieve with them, how others would respond to them and what others would do to them?

I wonder……



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