I would if i were you…… In memory of Toby.

A really good mate of mine has been through, what i consider the worst thing that could happen to anyone over the past few months. Ben lost his 21 month old son last year….. This story cut me deep as my kids are about the same age as little Toby.  I have been praying for this family everyday since i found out.Ben, still trying to find the motivation to face life without Toby on a daily basis is undertaking a huge task by walking the pennine way

these are his words

Ben Moody is doing the pennine way in August to raise money for FSID’s in memory of little toby…its usually walked in 17 days averaging 16 miles but we are going to do it in 10 days doing 30ish miles a day with no support..carrying all our gear..PLEASE donate by going to: http://www.justgiving.com/benmoody
I know that there are tons of people asking for your money, and i am well a ware of the fact that no matter how much you give there will always be more need than money.  But if you are someone who prays please keep this family in the prayers you offer, if you could give money then any amount would be a huge support to Ben and his family.  If you wanted to offer Ben your support for this event! I am sure he is going to need it during the event !! you can find him on twitter


Thanks for your time in reading thisBen


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