confession, is it worth it?…

 With the revelations about sports stars John Terry and Tiger Woods being unfaithful to their wives spread across the world, but with only one of them making a public apology, it is interesting to ask is confession still needed today?  Have you ever confessed to something publicly?

What get me about the Tiger Woods confession is that i don’t really think it was done with any integrity, the guy was in a room with the people he chose to have around him with the press miles away !! if you are going to do it you have to face the dogs!  I mean any one can confess with out facing the consequence and reactions.  Does this sort of confession really do any good?

I guess if you take the traditional Catholic form of confession which is anonymous, this would work.  But personally i think it is much more effective if someone confesses openly and is able to begin to face the issues that they have caused.  As hard as it maybe, that’s the deal for me, only then can closure begin.

what do you think?  would you confess to a priest?



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