BBC News – What is society’s problem with elderly mothers?

This story raises some interesting points about roles in society…. The discussion was all about Susan Tollefsen a 59 year old woman who has just been granted the opportunity to have another baby through and private clinic offering IVF treatment. I wonder if it was a man who was this old and wanted to be a father again if anyone would even bother asking anything about it?

As a contemporary, modern liberal and enlighten society that we claim we are there seems to be a conservative nature when it comes different roles people have…. I believe that is not “Is she too old?” but rather “what is a mothers role?” and “What is her role as a mother?”

One of the comments that arose from this conversation was “Are we playing God when i comes to science?” This woman is naturally too old to have a baby, therefore that must be God’s choice that this would not be the best thing for her to do at her age. This would therefore suggest that God’s role in all this is one that he desires what’s best for us implying that he is a caring God! But again i think the question is not are we playing God but “What is God’s role in this?

If God’s role is to allow us to live better, has God therefore allowed us to develop the intelligence to create babies for older women?

I wonder why we think of God being on the outside looking in when it comes to science? What if God is in the centre of this debate and it is actually us who are standing in both His and science’s way by our own lack of understanding?


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