beach huts and world domination….

Just wondered if you would tell me what you thought of the beach hut project, weather you came along or not…

would you be able to impart some of your genius to let us build on this next year and hopefully achieve world domination through the medium of beach huts !!!!

Ta Ben

Bridlington Advent Beach Huts

Thank you for taking the time to read though this survey, your answers are really important to me to learn about the different ways people connected to what we did in December. Having spoken to many people about how they perceived, enjoyed and were challenged by the beach hut project, I quickly became aware that there were many different answers. So I thought this might be a way of collecting them all to allow us to build on last years project in a way that allows more people to connect……

I really want to know how this project impacted you, weather you attended or not, if you had just heard about it, or saw it on the T.V. Or local news…. Again, Thank you!

copy and paste these questions into a comment ! thanks

How would you describe your experience of the beach hut project?

Did you attend any of the Beach huts?

If so roughly how many?

What prompted you to attend ?

What did you get out of it?

How did it make you think about Advent?

Did it change your perception of Advent?

Did you follow the project on line?

Did this help you reflect on your spiritual journey though advent?

What would make the project better for you next year?

anything else you are bursting to tell us ?

Thank you for your time! Ben


One thought on “beach huts and world domination….

  1. Chris

    Ben, I thought the beach hut advent calendar was an excdellent idea. I know that I didn’t get over to any due to the weather turing against us but the ‘beach hut’ advent calendar wasn’t just a brid thing. By this I mean that it became a talking point here in the hills, it appeared in my sermons and it sparked other ideas for people to try out here!


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