whispers from the past…..

I am re-reading Christianity Rediscovered as part of my Jedi training at Jesus School.  Written in the 1960’s the book still has some amazing insights into what it means to speak on Christ in a culture that does not recognise him.  Vincent Donovan set out to tell the Masai tribe in Africa about the Gospel, and felt totally under prepared in the task that lay ahead.  But his honesty and integrity stand out with breath taking power.  I have adapted a letter he wrote to his Bishop before taking the risk of going out on the mission he felt called to. I think it fits so well for our culture today.

Looking around me, I see true people who do not know God.  I am suddenly weary of the discussions that have been going on for years in the church, as to the meaning of the church, the books, meetings and seminars devoted to the church.  I suddenly feel the need to cast aside all theories and discussions, all efforts at strategy – and simply go to these people and do the work among them for which i am called to do!  I would go without anything else but this message of Hope that has been given to us in Jesus.  Outside of this, i have no theory, no plan, no strategy, no gimmicks no idea of what is to come.  I feel rather naked…. I will begin as soon as possible.

and so to the task ahead……!


One thought on “whispers from the past…..

  1. Chris

    this will probably not mean anything to you but that doesn’t matter, I just want to say thank you Ben for returning me to my senses!


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