taking the first chance of the new year i thought i would have moment with last year…. I nicked the format from Jonny Baker a guy whom i have leant a ton of stuff from over the past year since meeting him at the start of it….

film – tough one not seen many this past year but i think Tarrantio’s ‘Inglorious Basterds’ has been as good as any. Grizzly Man still stands head and shoulders above the rest

book – Roland Allen Missionary methods St Paul’s or ours? – amazing read of someone who has done all this pioneering long before i was born !

television – Gavin and Stacy – and family Guy Both just discovered this year Very funny TV

album – Dubh – Fractured Broken and beautiful

festival – I popped my Greenbelt Cherry this year! it was a fantastic event and really inspired me in many different ways.  I found it really permission giving.

St Max’s – Our last service of the Year FEAST.  Held in a small church that we turned around and had an awesome meal in. great setting, food and community.

Personal Sporting moment – Our 6 a-side footy team (Sheepy’s Boys) beating the unbeatable Allstars.  A total turn around for the whole team who now sit 4th in the league

Most inspiring person  – Pastor Scott Street – from Canada who speaks unbelievable encouragement into my life and being set away from our culture has some awesome stuff to say about life and work in this setting!

magazine – GQ

photo i have taken – tough one but this one does it i think – i piccy of our lad’s camp at the start of the year.

work moment – Probably the Beach huts but then there was going barefoot for lent.  But most profound and moving was  Journeying with Alistair, a man who i only had the privilege to know for the last 18 months of his life. and then conducting his funeral.

Joshua moment – Taking him to Greenbelt- Just me and him- staying up late- eating American cookies and discovering chewing gum

Caleb moment – plenty of moments – but the best ones are when i come in from work to be greeted by a little boy running to give me a hug, followed immediately by a command to take my coat and shoes off!

Matha moment -bursting into tears the moment i realised she was a Girl and immediately falling in love and knowing she will get whatever she asks for!

Becky Moment – riding the highs and lows of the year, celebrating her 30th and her degree, taking moments to stand back in amazement at all that she is, does and has achieved.

achievements – Having my first book published, still not really sunk in yet.  Still feel like someone is going to hand it back to me saying what a load of crap! and you have spelt that wrong!

new web experience – Building our websites for the fresh expressions and being able to teach and challenge through the espresso scriptures 


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