Espresso Scripture

for they loved praise from people more than praise from God.
John 12:43

I wonder what your image means to you, both physical image and reputation?  I wonder if your image, or fear of loosing your image stops you from being truly free?

I believe that when we know we are loved, become truly free.  That when God says to us ‘I love you!’ our response either brings freedom or restrictions. We either say  “He cannot really love me, not fully.”  which then binds us to be a better person in order to earn love.  Or we say COME ON!!!! I am loved now let’s get on with loving other people…..

True freedom comes from a God who loves wildly and recklessly, and demands the response to do the same!

This week lay aside your image, your reputation and take a risk in loving, and showing love in a way that goes beyond you.


One thought on “Espresso Scripture

  1. Jessica

    Ahh Ben this is such an interesting thought which I’ve been thinking about a lot! I’m writing an essay on Vivienne Westwood and through it all I’ve been thinking about this! Just got Lady Gaga in a line so I’m pleased! xx


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