espresso scripture confession…..

For three years now i have sent out a Monday morning e mail called Espresso Scriptures.  I idea was that people who don’t have faith would be able to access the bible in a real and relevant way.   Well i have a confession to make, here is today’s espresso that i wrote but didn’t send because i felt it too self indulgent, but thought it needed saying somewhere out loud so this is why it’s appeared on hear….


I wonder if you will indulge me for a brief moment this morning?

It has been playing on my mind now that these espresso scriptures, may have fallen foul of an inherent Christian disease.  That of a quick fix and easy belief system.  The whole idea of these e mails was that people who don’t profess to having faith would be able to access scripture in a way that they would be able to understand and relate to their everyday lives.

But i have found that i may have been writing in a different way just recently, and that rather than writing in that way, i have tried to write to a Christian audience, and offering teaching on the scriptures rather than giving an access point.

I guess what i am trying to say is sorry…..  i know its not up to me what you do with these e mails how you read them and how you journey with God.  But i just felt that i had to say this




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