Embrace the chaos…

This blog has been decidedly pants just recently…..


mainly because i have not sat down with the time to write anything opinionated!  However there has been much to provoke me into thought, outrage and quite contemplation, so i will give it a quick bash and see where we get to…..

over the summer the USA have been talking about health care reform, and i am not going to get into that debate at all, but one thing that i did see that absolutely floored me was the people disagreeing with Obama’s plans painting a Hitler tash on a poster of his face !!!!  Just unbelievable!!!   are these people seriously allowed to vote and have children?  lets just have a quick check list here one of these leaders caused the death of over 56,000,000 people the other is trying to improve the lives and health of a nation!!!! seriously i ask you ! words fail me…..

i have also been learning a lot about myself over the past few weeks, learning that time out allows me to work better, that down time should not always be filled and that chaos is to be embraced and not feared.

I am someone who actually needs chaos and disruption in order to work efficiently and productively, but there must always be an end to it…. this time last year i began a gentle slide into depression, mainly because of feeling that the circumstances i was surrounded with were totally out of my control, which to all intents and purposes they were.  In many ways chaos seemed to exist at every turn, without let up.  But through this i learnt that life sometimes is just crap.  But it is always temporary, today will pass and there will never be another day like it, tomorrow will come and although the situation may still be the same it will not be the same as yesterday.  For me God is in the Chaos, sometimes he is the Chaos !  but i know that either way and every way he is also the embrace….


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