Bread and me…

here’s a thought…..

Give us today our daily bread.
Matt 6

I wonder if have heard this phrase before? If you have, I wonder what it means to you?

These words come from Jesus, they are part of his response to a question about prayer. Jesus uses these words because I believe he wanted people to trust in God for everything…… Which i think is easy for us in the West to say, but hard to do!

I wonder what your life would look like if instead of asking the question “I wonder what I am going to eat?” instead you asked “I wonder when or even if I am going to eat?”

I wonder what our lives would look like if we sought out and invested in people who spend every day asking ‘when’ and not ‘what’?….

This week think about your daily bread and the utter luxury it is, and if you get time break some bread and share it with some one else.

Grace and peace.



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