Disabilities, life and the specials…

This week saw a new internet based reality programme called ‘The Specials’ In which 5 young people are filmed living together in a house in Brighton.

You can follow their story here
The Specials


I wonder what you experience has been when i comes to disabilities? In the 2001 Census, one in six people in the UK (10.3 million) living in a private household reported having a limiting long-term illness. (LLTI)

Personally speaking i have not really had much experience of people with severe learning disabilities, i would guess like a lot of people i know friends who have LLTI but not that i see and deal with on an everyday basis.  So in many ways i am pretty ignorant  about what it means to live like this and the difficulties that can come with  it.  But saying that i wonder how you might define disability, i would say that we all have disabilities in one way or another.  Some are more visible than others and some are greater than others.

What i do know is that my disability has a name.  I have Dyslexia, which was only diagnosed after i had finished my degree.  It is an issue that a lot of people either don’t think exists or think that it is ok to make fun of  like the funniest Joke in the world is “Dyslexics rule KO”  I do just need to say 1. its not very funny you have just embarrassed yourself 2. its about 30 years out of date who says something Rules these days. 3. you have never actually lived with this problem.  constantly feeling think because you cannot retrieve the words you need to express yourself or reading out loud only to get the words mixed up or asking people to spell the simplest of things so that you do not look a prat in front of them.  having someone else read and re read everything that you have written.  having people point out all your mistakes because it actually makes them feel better about themselves. and people making really crap unfunny jokes for reasons that are just beyond me ! (sorry rant over!)

Yes we should all pursue a better standard of living, we should never be defined by our disabilities, but we should also never be labelled by others either!…..


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