New book ……

please accept my apologies that there has not been any blogs over the past few weeks, i have been taking some time out.  But I do have some very exciting news…..

The first copy of my published version of the Espresso Scriptures is just about ready to launch !

In fact it will be launched at the Greenbelt festival this coming weekend (if you are going and want to come and hear some of them being read i will be in the New Forms venue with the Proost crew on Friday night from 10pm!)

the book will be available from the Proost web site and is in hard copy for £7 or downloadable for £3.50 or you can subscribe to the site for £60 a year and get over £250 worth of material free.
so far the book has been received really well with the Archbishop of York saying

“Ben Norton is passionate about reaching people with the good news of Jesus Christ in a way that is relevant and rooted in their everyday lives. These short reflections based on selected bible passages are accessible and challenging – both for those wit a strong Christian faith and for those with none”

Dr John Sentamu, the Archbishop of York

and others but i will let you buy the book to find out who and what they say.

If you like to buy directly of me the cost will be £7 and depending how many you want, the cost of posting will be adjusted accordingly.

I will have copies by the beginning of September.

Thanks again for all your support, and if you think of anyone who would enjoy these espressos then let me know and i can add them to the list.

grace and peace


One thought on “New book ……

  1. brunettekoala


    Ok, will have to wait before I can buy it, as just spent £40 (gulp) at the bookshop at Momentum. Btw, the people on the stall next to mine will be at Greenbelt – look out for a guy and lassie from Oasis (as in college, youth work folks, not the band)


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