….a question of thought

“Better to suffer together than celebrate alone !”
Pete Rollins

I wonder if you ever give any time to think about your journey through life?  I would imagine we all take time to holiday but i don’t think we always take time to reflect as well as unwind, and i think its good to reflect, and its good to reflect with others that you can trust…..

I like the quote above, and think that it true to suffer together in a community is a totally different experience than to suffer or even celebrate  alone.  To journey in community adds a totally different dimension, we only need to watch Big Brother or any other reality TV show, where people have to live together to see how demanding the journey can be as well as how rewarding!

I believe being part of a community can knock off our sharp edges, we have to come up against different points of view and ways of going about things, which teaches us patience, self restrain, kindness, joy, love and peace.  but learning these things are not easy.

My hope with St Max’s is that as we continue to journey together, we commit to each other and therefore to ourselves and God and that although this means it is not always going be an easy journey, by so doing we will find a deeper sense of Joy and Peace because of each other.

tonight we have a prayer labyrinth to walk as part of our journey.  Labyrinths have existed for over 3000 years and can be found all over the world, the main point for them is to allow the person walking it to stop and reflect on their own spiritual journey, if you get chance tonight take some time to walk it and follow the suggestions, to slow down and still yourself to take in your journey… enjoy.

Grace and Peace



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