Micro blogging….

Not really realising it I have not been blogging very much over the past few weeks, and not for any real reason. But I have found that micro blogging (or tweeting) is fast becoming an obsession. I wonder if this is yet another casualty of our ever busy and hectic lifestyles? I now very rarely read any blogs over 200 words unless they really grab me. And I wonder what this has to say about the Quallity of our relationships and the Depth of communities……?


2 thoughts on “Micro blogging….

  1. Chris

    In the light of what you say in this blog Fr can I suggest that you put some time aside and read through ALL your previous blogs on here and on XY and then reflect upon what you have said about life!

    That said I don’t think you are any different to anyone else though – except me and that’s only cos I can’t get my head around TWITTER!!!!!


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