looking for Superman….

So with all these MP’s having their backsides spanked by the press, it has got me thinking how much our press loves to big people up and then tear them down, look at Susan Boyle, she was an absolute hero then they thought that she should be brought down a peg or two !!!!


I wonder what it is that people actually want?  We all want a role model, someone who inspires us, some one who can give us that extra bit that allows us to push ourselves to achieve more, but then we don’t want them to be perfect because then we would get jealous and envious of them, so we then start to pull them down… it’s almost like we want people to fail because rather than celebrating their achievements we find that morally putting ourselves above them gives us more satisfaction.   But does it?  Or does it just perpetuate the feeling that actually there is nothing really to strive for?  because if we do we will probably fail anyway.

But i wonder how we might respond to someone who actually never gets it wrong or ever has got it wrong.  Someone who is perfect, i guess like a sort of superman figure, someone who you could not dig anything up on someone who would only ever get on the front page for all the right reasons… would they make us sick or would we want to be like them, would we follow their lifestyles if they offered it to us?


I have a strange feeling that someone like this does exist, but what makes me ponder is our response to them….


3 thoughts on “looking for Superman….

  1. Jessica

    Oh I kinda wrote an essay on this! Hehe, the title was ‘A nation gets the heroes and role models it deserves’. Discuss. I started with the classic Shakespeare quote ‘Be not afraid of greatness. Some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them’. My conclusion was that we are constantly seeking ‘greatness’ in the wrong places, and similarly not acknowledging it in the right places. The true test is their longevity and whether their claims impact generations and not just one…which is pretty fitting when you think about Jesus.

  2. bluesoul Post author

    spot on comment Jess, i love reading about heroes of the faith and martyrs and such like, people who still makea difference even beyond their own time. But i guess that could also just inspire us to die !!! LOL


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