Are we all an accident?….

XY blog – 14.6.09

In the news this week, as Darwinists commemorate his bi-centenary, there seems to be a rise in Creationist views, especially led in the States.

Do you ever think about where you came from, or indeed where we all came from?  Was it all one big bang – an accident of nature (whatever nature is), evolution from amoebas into lizards, into birds, into monkeys and then into man?  Or was is all God-planned and performed?  If so, was it like the bible says, with Adam and Eve and the earth being created in seven days?  Does it actually matter what happened back then?

I have to admit that I don’t often think about this issue but there are times when I have done or when I am forced to because sometime takes a view which fundamentally I disagree with.  That’s not to say their view is invalid of course, but merely challenges my view and perceptions.

The opposite views on this subject can be many and varied.  Some creationists argue a literal account of the bible stories, that everything was created in seven days of 24 hours each.  Others argue that the bible has the truth but that it was ancient man which transformed it into language that ancient man can understand (bear in mind this part of the bible was written down over 2,500 years ago), others say that there are parallels between Darwin and Creation and the two are not necessarily in complete disagreement with each other.  Ardent Darwinists claim that Darwin’s writings prove that there is no God as the whole of nature can be explained.

But I’m not sure its as simple as taking one view.  Both Darwin and Creation are theories – and as such have not been proved one way or another.  No “missing link” for example has ever been found which gives weakness to Darwinism.  And in parallel to that, nothing has ever been discovered in the geology of the world which implies instant (one week) creation.

And even if Darwinism is proved unequivocally to be true at some point in the future, that may end up explaining How, but surely misses the all-important question Why?  Is there a role for God in Darwinism?  To me God is everywhere and has been for all eternity.  So yes, God is in Darwinism, God is in the world that we see today, and God was certainly at Creation.

Anything else, we just don’t know the answer to.  Its useful to talk about it, helpful sometimes to be challenged, but in my view let’s not be distracted from the important message of what Jesus did for us and continues to do for us today.



One thought on “Are we all an accident?….

  1. Mr Gus

    I think this is an important topic because it is one frequently used by non-believers to argue against the presence of God. The exact mechanism of progress from Day 1 to Today may not be so important to one who already believes, but explaining it to a non-believer has to be done in such a way as to make God apparent


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