MP’s expenses and stoning….

So with the row about how the MP’s in our country have been less than moral about the way in which they have been claiming their expenses from the public tax pot.  The row suggests for the most part that what they were doing was not actually doing anything illegal (apart from a select few!!! we will come to that later)  So the question has to be about secrets because although there were people who knew what was going on for the rest of us it was all hidden.
But i wonder if there is something that Jesus said that would make sense here?   He him who is without sin cast the first stone.  I wonder if you have any secrets that you would not want publishing on the front page of a news paper?  I don’t think that what the MP’s have done is in anyway right but i do wonder on what grounds we stand and point the finger at them on?

As i said earlier there are some who have been claiming for mortgages that don’t exist and in my mind that is fraud, and  they should be brought to justice and i do wonder if they will be?

but coming back to the idea of us all having secrets, a good friend of mine once told me to make sure that there should be nothing in my life that someone does not know about.  Which i have taken as very sound advice  and can say that at the moment that its true.  My philosophy is that if its already on youtube it’s not scandal Click here for the truth of this !!!

but i do think that there is some really good practice in what may be regarded as an old fashioned practice of confession, not in the Hollywood sense of “Forgive me Father for i have sinned.” but rather allowing someone else to know everything about you and then if you want it to pray with you.  There is something about speaking out the things that hold us back that can allow us to find freedom from them.

Grace and Peace



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