Who would be a priest ?….

Its been a little while since i last blogged, and its been a very mad week, experiencing some of the lowest times that i think anyone can experience in this Job to having a birthday and totally chilling out and having a lot of fun !!!

I often find that the most life changing times i have happen when i stop, when i really still myself and take in all that i have and have not done in the near past.

as i turned 29 yesterday  i did just for a moment stop and think what has happened this past year.

i became a priest

ran a church for a while

started an MA

joined a new footie team

started to become a daddy again (wallE) is due on the 1st of Aug

gone though some very low times (it was a dark winter!)

started a new community (st maxs)

gave up shoes for 6 weeks

and i am sure much more…..

But i am constantly aware that i must be moving forward, that if i am standing still the game is up.  Not that i should be always busy, in fact just the opposite but making progress on who i was.

I do feel that the more i journey on this path the more peace i find.  Following Christ is at times the hardest thing i choose to do but at the same time the most rewarding, fulfiling and peace filled way to live.437613219_089ffc9a5d


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