When is a joke a joke?….

stephenLast week in the Metro there was a very offensive cartoon of the poorly scientist Stephen Hawking You can see the cartoon Here.

So when is a joke a joke and when is it just plain offensive?

This i think is a difficult one as i believe most really funny jokes are offensive.  Humour is a twist on ordinary life, and while some humour might not be deemed offensive i am sure that if you analyse it enough it would pan out to offend someone.

But then i guess most humour is cultural and who defines what is cultural?  over the past few years we have seen that when the prophet Mohammed has been portrayed in a cartoon it caused anarchic uproar, which i guess was a cultural foe-par.

Personally speaking i don’t like racist jokes, but then i would laugh at a joke being derogatory to women.  But i believe strongly that both racism and sexism are wrong, maybe i need to check my own stance on these issues.

So does it mean that to laugh at a joke on a sensitive topic you agree with the sentiment of the joke or just the situation of how the joke was told or laid out?

I really don’t know the answers to these questions, what do you think?….


2 thoughts on “When is a joke a joke?….

  1. duttyo

    that actually made me lol a little bit but then my comedy constitution is pretty robust! partly due to my own experiences of illness and my need to joke my way through them.

    A prime example of which was the ‘What else did you get for Christmas’ incident


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