back to life and ranting….

well its been a while since i last updated, mainly due to the fact that i have both been taking some down time and being ill !!!

But as i set out on the school run this morning i was so grateful for shoes, it was fairly cold and i would just not have been able to face  any more misery of bare footed meanderings.  although saying that my new ‘Ed Hardy’ flip flops should be coming today!!

So as i draw a line under lent and look forwards to new and exciting times of mission and ministry, some thoughts are occurring and taking me quite by surprise.

the first is this:  If people being to think that they are not allow to be a Christian something happens that makes them want it more.  I have found myself in 2 different situations over the past week that has quite shocked me.  the 1st was with a friend of mine, who i guess would call himself someone who was exploring the Christian faith, we got into quite a deep conversation about things (as we often do.) until at one point i said to him “i don’t know why you bother with all this, coming to church and reading and discussions, Jesus doesn’t love you anyway!” I was only joking,but something seemed to suddenly click and he got really serious and actually came to a point that he said that it would cost him to much to commit.

the 2nd was a similar conversation with a woman, we were again talking faith, i shared my story and she told me what she did and didn’t believe, i then suggested that if she wanted to know more then she should read some of the bible and look at who Jesus is.  She at this point said that was not enough, i think she wanted a heated debate / argument, which i really was not interested in having.  It was almost as if she wanted me to tell her she was wrong so that she could justify her stance, but when it didn’t come there was an eagerness to know more.

I think somtimes we can be so eager to tell people about Jesus and want them to become christians that people think i can do this at any point in my life, and then never bother.  Its the same when it comes to church people think that the church is always indebted to what ever anyone offers that it ends up breading a “you will be greatful!” attitude.  which is why most churches are full of other peoples rubbish !!!  I mean seriously would you take the stuff you didn’t need any more to work !!! No so don’t dump it in church!!!

It’s true Jesus does love you, but don’t insult him by thinking its your free choice to respond, i mean if you can stand in front of him as he is hanging from the cross and tell him “i ‘ll deal with this when i feel like it, when there is a crisis in my life and i need some comfort.”  then my friend please walk on by because this faith demands a response that costs, and not everyone can afford it. jesus-3


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