Good Mauning ….

So we arrive at maunday thursday, a day when we wash each others feet.  A day i was really looking forward to, having had nowt on mine all lent. But sadly we are not washing feet this year in church, instead we are having a lamb supper followed by communion.  It all sounds fab, but i am ducking out and going to play footie.  Which got me thinking i wonder what it would mean to wash someone’s feet without actually washing their feet?

Here is what i have come up with…..

There is one lad on the footie team who plays really well, but is always falling over because he has the wrong type of trainers (we play on sand layed astro turff) I told him last week he really needed to get a new pair of trainers, and he said i would try.  I was in Hull on Friday and rang him and asked if he wanted me to pick him some up so i did.  But tonight when we play i want to give him them as a gift and not take any money.

For me it will be like washing his feet without the water and towel, i just hope he is not offended…… We will see



2 thoughts on “Good Mauning ….

  1. Chris

    At the moment Ben I feel like I’ve read an Agatha Christie novel only to find the last page missing……It is now Friday morning and I’m woindering did he accept the boots? But then I suppose in the scheme of things that doesn’t matter!


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