The environment and the end game?…..

I wonder if you have a theory of how the world began, and how the world will end?  Many people find this subject very controversial and will use it to argue and even fight over!  in some places in the world this issue can decide governments.  But i wonder if actually we are asking the wrong question?  I wonder what our response would be is instead of asking how was the world made and how will it end, we ask Why was it made and Why will it end?
air pollution
For me personally as someone who believes in the Christian faith i really am not bothered if God created the world in 7 days or 7 million years, or if he used a big bang to do it or even evolution, because for me all of these theories (and that’s what they are, theories!) the question is why would God do this?  For me the answer is because i think it is his nature to create and to create to love.

I am not bothered how i got here but i am bothered why i am here.  For me i found the answer to that a few years ago when God told me and showed me that i was not an accident, that i was created for a purpose and that purpose was that he loved me and wanted me to know that, so that i could become fulfilled and secure in who i am.

So when it comes to this world and how i treat it, for me it is important that i understand that i am not the master of it but a part of it therefore as God has given me it as a gift to sustain my life and bring fulfilment, so therefore i must also allow it to be sustained and bring it to fulfilment.

what are your thoughts?….


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