the end or just the beginning?…

“Change your life. God’s kingdom is here.”

I wonder if you have any thoughts on how your life is going to end? I wonder if that has any influence on how you live your life today?

I think what this scripture is saying is, we have the opportunity to end our life as we know it and start again, everyday!

It is guaranteed that both our lives will end, and so will this world but more important than dwelling on either of these two issues is how that makes us live in the here and now.

God’s kingdom is about fresh starts, new beginnings and new directions, there is a day coming when we will know what it means to live in perfection, and what Jesus claimed is that we can know that now as well.

This week, STOP. take a look at where you are in life, if there is something that needs to change then make that change or seek others to help you make that change. And as you do may you know what it is to live in God’s way of thinking (or as others may say “His Kingdom”)


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